Wood Burning Fires & Stoves

Traditional Wood Burning Stoves & Multi-Fuel Stoves

The Stove Room Cardiff  recommends their  wide range of wood burning stoves. Which are  beautifully crafted to have a traditional  appearance yet are manufactured to offer  flexibility and convenience, All our stoves continue to offer home owners the best of all worlds. Whether you choose a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel option, they are clean burning,  efficient and available in sizes and styles to suit most rooms and living spaces.

Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves & Multi-Fuel Stoves

The Stove Room Cardiff offer you a wide range of contemporary  stoves both wood burning and multi- fuel they all incorporate the very latest in combustion technology, one of our leading manufacturers Stovax's contemporary range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves direct three types of air into the glass-fronted firebox, where they combine to provide superior heating efficiencies, superb flame control and exceptional views of the fire.