Design Services

The Stove Room Cardiff offers its clients a comprehensive range of services:

Interior elements

New For 2014 -15

  • Design and manufacture/installation of bespoke slate kitchen and bar worktops
  • Design and manufacture/installation of bespoke granite kitchen and bar worktops  

  • Design and production of both slate and glass hearths

  • Design and installation of interior elements such as slate tiling to both walls and floors


  • Design and manufacture of bespoke slate floor tiles for both outside your home or around your pool or patio

  • Design/manufacture and installation of bespoke Timber beams and lintels.

Design & installation of bespoke chimneys and flues (in accordance with Hetas guidelines)




There are a number of reasons why a chimney may need lining:

  •   The flue is leaking smoke from your wood burning or multi- fuel appliance into other rooms in your home  
  • The flue that is already installed is far too big for the wood burning or multi-fuel appliance being used   
  •   The flue is external and is too cold to draw air properly   
  •   Tars and condensates are coming through the chimney in any part of the building and causing staining

There are many different ways of lining a chimney, the suitability of these methods depends on your individual system. we can provide

  • professional advice on which solution is the best for you.









Redesign and modification of your Fireplace Recess The structural opening formed in the wall or chimney breast.







Design and manufacture of slate home accessories - from welcome mats to house names and signage 

We will never turn away a commission involving the use of granite and slate our designers and craftsmen can help home owners, architects and interior designers with unique interior or exterior projects.