Chimneys and flues

The Stove Room Cardiff are Hetas approved installers and can help you with a range of chimney and flue solutions for the stove of your choice. As an official supplier of Stovax and Gazco products.We can supply and fit from a great range of flue pipes. Choose from stainless steel to matt black, from ivory, laurel green or midnight blue. It's possible to match the stove colour of your choice. Ask Carlton or Dominique to explain the great selection of finishes available to you.

Please note:

A risk assessment will be carried out on your chimney to ensure that it meets the required size and condition for burning solid fuel. A flexible or rigid flue system will normally be required for a stove installation. A Flue Liner maybe all you require The Stoveroom Cardiff will advise on the best solution for your installation. See below for further information: Document J of the Building Regulations requires that a flexible flue liner can only be installed completely enclosed inside a masonry chimney. A non masonry enclosure such as timber or plasterboard boxing in is not acceptable. The type of flue liner permitted depends on the type of appliance and the fuel chosen to be used. There are two grades of multi fuel liner available: 316 grade stainless steel, which is suitable for wood burning and multi fuel use.

904 grade stainless steel, which is suitable for multi fuel and specifically coal based solid fuels.

 The reason we have chimneys is to safely remove the bi-products of burning from a wood burner, wood burning fire, log fire, gas fire and gas stove. This way the fumes are taken from the wood burning, gas or multi-fuel appliance to the outside of our homes without causing any danger or discomfort to the people that live there.

There are a number of reasons why a chimney may need lining:
    •    The flue is leaking smoke from your wood burning or multi fuel appliance into other rooms in your home
    •    The flue that is already installed is far too big for the wood burning or multi fuel appliance being used
    •    The flue is external and is too cold to draw air properly
    •    Tars and condensates are coming through the chimney in any part of the building and causing staining
There are many different ways of lining a chimney, the suitability of these methods depends on your individual system. You should seek advice from a professional on which solution is the best for you.